JA Johnny's Cafe Hours

Labor Day through New Year's Day Hours




4 PM – 9 PM

Wednesday – Saturday

9 AM – 2 PM
Break for Siesta
4 PM – 9 PM


Closed September/October Sundays

9 AM – 2 PM

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Our hours are "Seasonal" and "Holiday" Varied.

We are on an "ish" schedule, meaning we want to feed you even if the it's slightly after the closing schedule. Please just call and see if we can do so.

We honor a mid day "Siesta" schedule due to the tremendous heat in the desert and want to give our equipment and staff time to cool of and re-fuel. We still want to serve you if we can so, again, feel free to call it's mainly a time to shut down the grill and fryer and cool things off a bit. Thanks for your understanding.